FABC Marquee Sign Committee

Time for a fresh new look!

Under the direction of Pastor Waller, a small group of dedicated members have formed a committee to research and propose a new church outdoor marquee sign.  This sign will remodel the existing one on the corner of Fendall Avenue and Norwood Street.  This re-energized look will attract attention to our ministry and bring awareness to church events and schedules.  The new marquee sign will not only serve the ministry of FABC, but uplift the surrounding community with news and information updates 24hours a day.  This will truly be a media resource  to benefit us all.  Please consider the information below as we move forward.

Chairman’s Notes

Generally accepted by all that we want a digital marquee sign • Old sign installed prior 2010 • Located original sign contractor • Steward Signs was original contractor and interested in the new job • Steward Signs will develop mock up • Other quotes have been solicited from Daktronics and WatchFire, both are commercial sign companies • There will be potential speedbumps from the city with code enforcement • Digital signs may NOT be allowed in a residential neighborhood • We must meet with city gov. and get buy in • Church is located in Richmond Gateway -6th Voter District • Our council rep is Ellen F Robertson – Office# 804-646-7964 • She is also chairperson for city planning commission • We need to meet with her ASAP and get an idea what we will be up against, as we are awaiting sign design mock ups •  Dea Covington is working some contacts with city gov. • He and Sis Daniels with meet with council rep when meeting can be scheduled • Looking for mock up from Steward signs very soon • still holding to hear from Daktronics and WatchFire • Goal is to have quotes and mock ups from all by end of June • must begin looking at financing ideas to fund approx $20k cost

3 Main Types of Sign Designs

Integrated LED Signs

This is an LED sign for organizations wanting a dynamic presence on a budget! The seamless, single-piece face of virtually unbreakable TUFFAK SL® covers both the sign graphics and LED display. This unitized construction resists vandalism and prevents weather intrusion.

Monument LED Signs

This is a more custom approach and combines an independent LED display with a monument-style design. This look will complement more traditional architectures and create a classic look with modern technology!

Independant LED Signs

This LED sign is for organizations that want maximum impact at any size! A separate, weather-resistant LED cabinet provides superior performance, reliability and security. These signs deliver unrivaled capabilities for reaching your target audience.


Schedule messages and graphics with cloud-based software.

Include hundreds of content assets including library of video clips, graphics, display effects and transitions.

Include multi year warranty, customer service and support.

Financing for the sign

Always the BIG questions… What does it cost? and How will we pay for it?

This part of the project requires input from all.  We must understand the practical reality of the LED sign. It cost money, and a lot of it.  Beyond that, is what’s most important, which is how we impact the community and spread the message of the Kingdom of God.

Financing Ideas:

Fundraiser Events

Crowd Funding

Special Collection

Budget (re)allocation


Brick Sponsorship

Project timeline

Committee Formed – May 2021

Research Sign Contractors – June 2021

Solicit bids and designs – June 2021

Present best options – July 2021

Construct chosen design – Sept 2021

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